Kevin chose BRRH to regain his function and independence following a recent hospitalization.

Though he lives with Parkinson’s disease, Kevin McClure lived a largely independent life before his recent hospitalization. “It made getting around challenging,” Kevin said of Parkinson’s, “but I was still able to do what I wanted to do.”

Parkinson’s also taught Kevin not to mess around regarding his health. So, when he began experiencing shortness of breath and a cough, he went to the ER at IU Health Bloomington Hospital. There, Kevin was admitted with an infection that had gone to his lungs, as well as an exacerbation of his COPD and Parkinson’s. Unfortunately, Kevin’s health got worse before it got better, as he developed septic shock, impairments to his heart and kidneys, and required a tracheostomy.

“I couldn’t even lift my arms,” Kevin recalled. “I needed a lift just to get out of bed.”

After spending thirty days in the hospital, Kevin transferred to Bloomington Regional Rehabilitation Hospital at the recommendation of his doctor and case managers. “A liaison from BRRH came in and talked to me about the requirements, explained the program, and the benefits,” he noted. “They took care of all the insurance issues and arranged the transfer.”

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