Our Technology

We provide specialized rehabilitative services to our patients in the communities we serve. We often see patients who are recovering from disabilities caused by injuries, illnesses, or chronic medical conditions.

Our Technology

Bioness® Integrated Therapy System (BITS 2.0)

BITS 2.0 is intended to challenge and assess the physical, visual, auditory, and cognitive abilities of individuals, including those with deficits resulting from traumatic injuries and movement disorders. Our current Bioness® technology helps patients regain lost mobility or movement in their hands and feet. This system is especially useful for stroke patients, those who may have suffered a traumatic brain injury, Multiple Sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and patients with partial spinal cord injuries. The system uses electrical stimulation to help patients regain more muscle control, which in turn, gives them more function and mobility.

The Hand Rehabilitation System is easy to use and has been shown to facilitate the use of hand function not only during the acute phase of recovery for stroke patients and those suffering from a brain injury, but also in select patients whose injuries are years old.

The Foot Rehabilitation System is wireless, low-profile, and lightweight. It consists of three components: a gait sensor that’s worn in the shoe, a wireless stimulating leg cuff worn below the knee, and a clinician-programmed control unit. This technology allows the patient to achieve a more-normalized gait on changing terrains and at varying speeds.


The Vector Gait and Safety System is an innovative over-ground gait and safety system designed to improve mobility and balance while:

  • Promoting faster recovery for reduced length of stay
  • Minimizing risk to both patients and clinicians
  • Increasing independence

Designed for both physical and occupational therapy, the Vector System leverages dynamic body weight support (DBWS) to provide a safe environment and real-world experience for adult and pediatric patients recovering from stroke, amputations and orthopedic, brain and spinal cord injuries.


This electronic Hi-Lo treatment platform has a power backrest and seat lift. This 1000# capacity platform has an integrated bar system to enable use as a standing frame, parallel bars to facilitate, sit to stand, balance, transfer, and gait training.

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