Jayne relied on two things during her recovery: her family’s support and her relationship with her therapists

Stephanie “Jayne” Silvers lives a very active life, enjoying visits to state parks, fishing, and spending time with her grandsons. But for the better part of two years, significant back pain and lower extremity weakness has kept her inactive. In fact, for most of that time, Jayne couldn’t even walk.

After a little more than a year, having required a wheelchair and a slide board, Jayne took a significant step. She underwent back surgery that initially improved her symptoms. But shortly after surgery, Jayne was found to have severe stenosis throughout her thoracic spine. So she underwent another surgery to correct the stenosis, hoping to walk independently again with a cane.

Following the second surgery, Jayne’s journey to recovery really began. She had profound weakness in her back and lower extremities and continued to have pain in her back. Jayne’s doctors and therapists in the hospital knew she could benefit from intensive therapy to regain her function. Complicating matters, Jayne had recently fractured her left ankle.

Taking the suggestion of her team of clinicians, Jayne admitted to Bloomington Regional Rehabilitation Hospital for physical and occupational therapies. And Jayne is very glad she did.

“The teamwork here is remarkable. I have never seen a team work so well together!” Jayne shared.

Jayne arrived with two main goals: use a traditional bathroom and easily get in and out of a car. During her stay at Bloomington Regional Rehabilitation Hospital, Jayne achieved both her goals and credited the staff for their help.

“Being ill humbles you and makes you patient,” Jayne reflected. “My relationship with the therapists helped me make the most gains while in the hospital.”

“Amber (clinical liaison) and Dr. Jason Voorhies helped with getting my stay at [BRRH] started. Kandace, Claire, Kenadee, and Maribeth — the therapists that worked with me — all stood out. Also, Jayden and Kayla were exceptional nurses. And the Kitchen staff have gone out of their way to make me feel at home.”

“I would recommend this place to anyone. I do not know why anyone would go anywhere else!”

Having accomplished her goals, Jayne looks forward to what lies ahead. “I’m excited to get back to home life and visit with my sister. My husband has been so supportive as our roles have changed. My daughter, Meighan, my sister-in-law, Dan, and grandsons, Korbin and Sullivan — they are always cheering me on and were available in any way that I needed. I am looking forward to spending time with them.”

“Also, I have a follow-up appointment with Dr. Voorhies on Monday after my discharge. I plan to park close and WALK into his office and knock his socks off!”