Barry Robinson

Success Story

Barry Robinson is an active person who enjoys taking care of his home and dogs, riding his motorcycle, and fishing. Unfortunately, he suffered a heart attack and a stroke that caused him to flatline multiple times during his healing and recovery.

Barry came to Bloomington Regional Rehabilitation Hospital (BRRH) for rehabilitation. Despite the challenges he faced, he felt supported by the friendly and helpful hospital staff who made it easy for him to ask for assistance. He even earned himself a nickname from members of the nursing staff who affectionately called him “Nazareth” due to the many times he was brought back to life.

“The staff has become an extension of my family,” he says.

Barry says that seeing the possibility of getting back to his normal life is his greatest motivator. “I have hope,” he says. “I’m looking forward to returning to church, riding my motorcycle, and going fishing. I plan to be present in life every day as things can happen in life that are out of your control.”

Although he will be sad to leave the hospital, Barry is grateful for the experience and looks forward to returning to BRRH as an outpatient for rehabilitation.