Kody Kittlaus

Success Story

Thirty-three-year-old Kody Kittlaus of Monrovia, Indiana, has always enjoyed riding motorcycles and cooking with his two young children and wife, Savannah. His life changed, however, after a motorcycle accident left him unable to walk after he suffered multiple broken bones on the left side of his body. After nearly two weeks in an acute care hospital, he was transferred to Bloomington Regional Rehabilitation Hospital (BRRH) for specialized inpatient rehabilitative care.

Kody and his family chose to come to BRRH because of its reputation and proximity to his hometown. Kody was determined to regain his independence and wanted to be able to get himself in and out of his wheelchair and to shower. His treatments focused on improving balance, strength, and endurance, including training in transfers, bed mobility, and wheelchair mobility.

With much determination, Kody earned his independence bracelet, which signals to the hospital staff that he was cleared to use his wheelchair in his room and the hallways independently.  “That was really important to me,” he says. “It really brought my spirits up.”

When Kody was discharged from the hospital, he was able to perform nearly all of his daily living tasks independently. He looked forward to returning home and says, “I want to live my life and continue being involved with my family.”