Success Stories

Kevin McClure

Though he lives with Parkinson’s disease, Kevin McClure lived a largely independent life before his recent hospitalization. “It made getting around challenging,” Kevin said of Parkinson’s, “but I was still able to do what I wanted to do.” Parkinson’s also taught Kevin not to mess around regarding his health. So, when he began experiencing shortness […]

Colby Southern

“Life was wonderful,” Colby Southern stated, recalling his life before his recent hospitalization. “I worked at a car dealership selling used cars and enjoyed spending time with my grandkids, which range from 13 years old to 5 years old.” Colby’s life changed one September day when he experienced a sudden onset of left-sided weakness. A […]

Kristopher Ogle

Before the accident, Kristopher Ogle was an avid golfer, hiker, and camper. He loved the outdoors and worked full-time at the water company. His job was strenuous, running heavy machinery and doing a lot of work with his hands. At home, Kristopher lived with his wife and dogs. Then, on Easter weekend, Kristopher was involved […]

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